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NOTE: When donating on behalf of Wayne Kennedy, please ensure to click on "Add special instructions to seller" link and enter "On behalf of Wayne Kennedy." * Please also list your name and mailing address so that the family can identify the source of the contributions. Thank you for your support!


 Crusaders for Veterans is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization reaching out to provide the care 
 and respect that our deserving veterans rightfully merit  yes, we believe they have earned it.

 We find it a privilege and honor to represent, advocate for, 
 support and care for those who have honorably served in 
 the Armed Forces for this great country!

 We will attack any situation and fight alongside of our 
 veterans until they are made whole and can stand once 
 again with pride and confidence.

 We will stand with and for veterans  regardless of age, 
 race, sex, or whichever conflict, war or whatever time 
 period they served.

  E-mail us at: cfv@crusadersforveterans.net

2nd Annual
Puttin for Patriots

CFV Inaugural
Golf Tournament

Crusaders for Veterans promotes the utilization of the Veteran Service Officers allocated in every county throughout this country and we encourage our veterans to contact their VSO to insure all documents are filed properly for every entitlement our veterans rightfully deserve not to be confused with freebies or handouts since our veterans have secured their rightful claims by serving their country proudly and with honor. Veteran Service Officer Locator
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